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Our Mission

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    Highest Level of Services

    We are committed to offering our clients the highest level of service.

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    Instant Quote & Flat Fees

    We typically charge flat fee on all traffic offences and give quotes instantly.

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    Special Emphasis

    We put a special emphasis on traffic/ criminal courts in New York State.

Our lawyers handle speeding tickets, adult and child seat belt tickets, cell phone tickets, tailgating tickets, reckless driving, drunk driving, DUI/DWI, and all other NYS traffic violations.

Free Consultation

New York Speeding Ticket Fines Need Lawyer?

Our legal team at NYS Traffic Violations deal with all traffic tickets in Nassau County as well as all of the New York State area including speeding tickets, seat belt tickets, reckless driving, drunk driving, dui/dwi, careless driving, and all other NYS traffic violations.

We are dedicated to eliminating or reducing points in Nassau County by either having the charge dismissed or reduced. Our firm puts a great emphasis on traffic/criminal matters in Nassau County. The lawyer will appear for you at all traffic/municipal/criminal courts in Nassau County.

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