How can a Drunk Driving Arrest affect my Life?

If you have gotten pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, you will undoubtedly be wondering about how this will impact your life in the months and even years to come. Drunk driving convictions can cause you many different problems, which is one of the reasons it is so important to have a drunk driving lawyer to represent you throughout the case. In many cases, your attorney will be able to get the charges reduced or even thrown out completely.

There are many very serious laws on the books concerning drunk driving. If you were arrested in Nassau County, Suffolk County, or any of the surrounding areas, you could be facing some huge fines, on top of long lasting penalties.

Potential Problems from a Drunk Driving Conviction

If you are found guilty of drunk driving, you may be facing a wide range of issues for years to come. The following are some of the more common issues people with this type of conviction in Long Island, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens will experience:

  • Financial Problems – In addition to the upfront costs of paying your fine, you will likely also have to pay other expenses to the courts. Your insurance rates will also go up dramatically for several years at least.
  • Getting Insurance – Many insurance companies won’t cover people with one or more drunk driving convictions, which can make it difficult to be able to drive legally.
  • Jail Time – If you are convicted of drunk driving more than once, you’ll likely have to serve some jail time.
  • Community Service – Almost all drunk driving convictions end up having to perform a significant amount of community service.
  • Employment Issues – Many jobs require that you have a good driving record. If you are looking for a job, you could be severely limited in what you can get by this conviction. You may even lose your job if you need to drive as part of your employment.
  • Driving Issues – Most people who get a drunk driving conviction will lose their driver’s license for at least a few months. Repeat offenders will lose it much longer than that.
  • Stigma – Even friends and family who find out that you have been convicted of drunk driving will likely be upset and criticize you for it.

As you can see, this type of conviction will be life changing, and not for the better. This is why it is so important to get a drunk driving attorney to help you fight your case. In many cases we will be able to have the charges reduced, or even eliminated, so you don’t have to go through all of the above listed issues.

When people attempt to represent themselves, or worse, just plead guilty, they experience the harshest punishments. When they are represented by a high quality attorney, who has experience in fighting drunk driving convictions, they are much more likely to get a favorable verdict.