Is it Worth it to hire a Traffic Lawyer

When most people get pulled over for a common traffic violation, they assume that their only option is to pay the ticket and hope that their insurance doesn’t go up very much. The fact is, however, that if you hire an experienced traffic attorney, you can often get your ticket thrown out, or at least reduced.

This can save you hundreds of dollars up front, plus a significant amount of money on your insurance each month for years to come. The big question, of course, is whether or not it is worth it to hire a good traffic lawyer. In most cases, the answer is yes. While no attorney can guarantee they will win your case, we can promise that we will work hard to get you the best possible results every time. No matter what type of ticket you have, we can help you to end up having to pay as little as possible.

What can an Attorney do?

So, what is it that we can do for you? To start with, we will represent you when you go for your hearing. Rather than just paying the ticket, we’ll help you to request a hearing so your case can be heard. This alone is sometimes enough to get your case thrown out, because if the police officer who gave you a ticket doesn’t show up, you are found not guilty.

If they do show up, however, we will talk to the officer as well as the judge or magistrate to see what can be done. In some cases, we will have to explain what happened when you got your ticket. If this goes well, the judge will throw the case out and you won’t have to pay a thing. Even if it doesn’t get thrown out, the judge will often reduce the fines and points on your license.

Here at the Law Offices of Isaac Abraham, we work hard to keep our prices low, which makes it a smart choice to fight your tickets. Since most traffic violation ticket cases can be fought in very little time, with few resources, you can end up saving a lot of money by hiring a good traffic lawyer to fight your ticket.

Where we will Represent You

We have been helping people fight their tickets, and handle other motor vehicle violations in New York for many years. We will go to any of the regional court houses to represent you. Whether you’re in Long Island, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or anywhere else in Nassau county or Suffolk County, we’ll travel to you to help you get the results you need.

So, if you’ve been pulled over and given any type of traffic ticket, make sure you contact us right away. The sooner you call 646-397-9529, the better we will be able to represent you. Don’t put it off a moment longer, let us help you to minimize the impact of your traffic violation.

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