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Dealing with Common Traffic Violations

Your traffic attorney will provide expert representation for your company and your employees on a wide range of charges, which may include the following common violations:

Traffic tickets are often a part of the accepted cost of doing business as a transportation company in New York. Law enforcement officials in New York City are especially likely to issue tickets for truck drivers who are allegedly in violation of any of the numerous traffic regulations in the city. It can be difficult to adhere to the letter of the law in all instances. Working with a qualified traffic law attorney is a good first step toward resolving these issues and preventing serious consequences for your transportation enterprise.

  • Defective or missing equipment
  • Overweight loads
  • Department of Transportation (DoT) violations
  • Hours of service overages
  • Permit violations
  • Speeding

Accumulating too many convictions can potentially lead to a DoT audit of your company and other negative consequences that could affect your company's ability to serve your customers. Fighting back with a strong defense against these charges is the best way to prevent these issues from causing damage to your company's reputation and interrupting your work flows.

The Negative Effects of Moving Violations

Too many convictions for moving violations could result in the loss of commercial driving privileges for your staff members. Making sure that your company presents an active defense against these charges is essential to protect the commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) of your employees. Retaining the services of a qualified traffic lawyer is the best way to ensure that your drivers can continue to perform their duties on behalf of your company.

Financial Implications of Traffic Convictions

Repeated violations, especially those related to driver behaviors and equipment issues, can result in increased insurance rates for your trucking company that could cut into your profits and financial resources. Taking steps to reduce the impact of these issues can help you to manage costs more effectively:

  • Instituting a regular maintenance plan that ensures that all equipment is operating properly and that your drivers are checking lights, safety equipment and other elements of their trucks every time they hit the road is essential to reduce the chance of equipment failure and potential tickets in the state and city of New York.
  • Implementing driver training programs can be another good way to promote safer driving and to limit the number of violations incurred by your drivers behind the wheel.
  • Establishing a company culture that promotes safe driving as a core value is essential to ensure that you and your employees adhere to the strict letter of the law insofar as it is possible.

By working proactively to improve the skills of your drivers and to maintain your vehicles properly, your transportation company can reduce your risk of increased insurance rates and negative actions by the DoT.

Choosing a lawyer who specializes in providing defense representation for commercial driving violations is the best way to manage these issues when they do arise. The Law Offices of Isaac Abraham offers proven strategies for dealing with commercial traffic law violations in New York City and New York State. We work with you to ensure the best outcomes for your cases and to protect your company against the negative consequences of traffic convictions for your drivers and your insurance rates. Call us today at 646-770-0921 to schedule a consultation with us. At the Law Offices of Isaac Abraham, we believe that every ticket is worth fighting. Let us put our expertise to work on your behalf.

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