What can a Speeding Ticket Attorney Do?

Whether you were in a hurry or just not paying close enough attention, it is extremely easy to let your speed get away from you while driving. In addition, many people have been issued speeding tickets when they weren’t actually speeding. This is often due to errors on the part of the police officer who may have clocked a nearby vehicle and thought it was yours. Whatever the case, you don’t have to just pay your ticket and deal with the extra points on your license. You can hire a speeding ticket lawyer to help fight the charges.

Many people don’t realize that you have the right to ask for a hearing for every ticket you receive. When you do this, you will have the opportunity to go to a judge or magistrate in Nassau County or Suffolk County, or wherever you were given the ticket, and state your case. The police officer who issued you the ticket will have to show up as well, to explain why the ticket was issued. If you have a speeding ticket lawyer to represent you, they can talk to the judge and officer and try to get your case thrown out, or at least reduced.

How fast were you going?

One of the biggest factors in speeding ticket cases is your speed. If you have a ticket for going 1-9 miles per hour, it is typically a fairly small offense and will result in only getting three points on your license.

In many cases, your attorney can get these adjusted to a general moving violation, which carries a smaller fine and no points. They can even sometimes get the ticket thrown out completely. Faster moving violations, especially those where you were going 20+ miles per hour over the posted speed limit can be quite serious if you are found guilty. In these cases it is especially important to have proper representation. Depending on the situation, you could have a ticket that can cost hundreds of dollars and even result in a suspended license. Your speeding ticket attorney will work hard to get the ticket dismissed or at least reduced so you don’t have to pay the large fines. This will also reduce the number of points on your license, so you won’t have your insurance rates going up significantly.

What your Attorney can Do lt

When a speeding ticket lawyer talks with the judge and police officer, he can explain exactly why you don’t deserve to have the ticket. Since the attorney will know all the applicable laws, they can work with the judge and officer to come up with a solution to the issue. In many cases, this is having the ticket dismissed.

Another benefit to fighting your ticket with the help of an attorney is that if the police officer doesn’t show up to the hearing, the ticket is automatically dismissed. So, whether you’ve gotten a speeding ticket in Long Island, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or anywhere else in New York, you will want to make sure you have a good attorney to represent you every step of the way.

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